‘Sculptor’ is a team based brand that operates under the goal of designing: “creation with great care” Based on New classic, Sculptor emphasis on modest beauty through mannish, and finesse design. Team Sculptor re-create various of trends into our style, incorporating our design philosophy.


  • Flagship store&Office
    서울시 마포구 상수동 93-5 스컬프터

    마케팅, 입점 제안, 협찬 문의 - 02-3143-7273

    Weekday - pm1:00 ~ pm8:00 / Weekend - pm1:00 ~ pm9:00
    The national holidays are off.

  • Logistics center(CS)
    서울시 도봉구 창동 623-7 3층 스컬프터 물류센터

    배송, 교환, 반품, 상품 문의 - 070-7566-7273

    Weekday - am10:00 ~ pm6:30 (Lunch Time pm12:30 ~ pm1:30)
    The weekend, Holidays are off.

  • E-mail
    CS - info@scptor.com
    협찬 - press@scptor.com
    입점, 제휴 문의 - sales@scptor.com

  • Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sculptorpage
  • Instagram @sculptor_page/